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Stephan P. Latest Release

In this brilliant book, Stephan P. shows how game of chances can be dramatically influenced by your attitude, talents and abilities.

Stephan P. Words of Wisdom

Success is dope

Whether your business is legal or illegal, SUCCESS... IS DOPE! This book will help millions of readers and can do the same for you.

Achieve success

Stephan P. is a renowned motivational speaker and wealth coach. His story of hope and purpose will leave you feeling inspired.

Laws of luck

This laws will help you to achieve success in every area of your life.

Stay focused

Suppress negative thoughts and keeping your focus on the long term.

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”


Develop your vision.

This Book will guide many to success, and has sold millions of printed copies for nearly three quarters of a century. Yes, one can gather from the title that the starting place for wealth is in a person's thoughts.

The Most Valuable Reality

See a broader range of ideas and solutions by changing the details on which your brain chooses to focus.

Success Mapping

Set goals oriented around the things in life that matter to you most, whether career advancement or family or making a difference in the world

What People are Saying about book

This book had very relatable stories to understand happiness. I liked best the practical road it laid out for creating happiness.

There have been many recipes for happiness and success, but this is the first one to tell you WHY you need  hope and a can-do attitude first.

I saw this author on Super Soul Sunday and wanted to read more about his research on happiness.Thus far it has been a good find.


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